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Sigurborg Stefánsdóttir c.v.            Tel: 5889080/8959025

Sigurborg Stefánsdóttir studied art at "Skolen for Brugskunst -Danmarks designskole" now KADK,

in Copenhagen Denmark from 1982-1987, graduating from the school´s drawing and graphic arts faculty,

as well as attending the textiles department for a year.

Her interest in various art forms has led her to seek out various courses and seminars, for example in the USA, Japan and Mexico.

She taught for several years at the Icelandic School of Arts and Crafts and the Icelandic University of the Arts.

Sigurborg now concentrates exclusively on her own artwork and has a studio at Grensásvegur 12A, Reykjavík.

She is a member of SÍM, The Assoiciation of Icelandic visual artists. 



2019. "Collage" and artistsbooks at Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík

2018. Paintings at Gallerí Grótta, Reykjavík

2016. Paintings at Artotek, Reykjavík

2011. "Collage" at Kirsuberjatréð, Reykjavík

2010. Paintings at Studio Stafn, Reykjavík

2009. Paintings at Gallerí Sonntag, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007. Artistsbooks in National Archiver, Reykjavík

2004. Paintings in Dopofiera, Lucca, Italy

2004. Paintings at Paul Kleefeld art gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

1999. Paintings and mixed media at the Man-art gallery, Reykjavík

1997. "Collage" at the Sævar Karl gallery, Reykjavík

1996. Paintings at Gallery Listakot, Reykjavík

1994. Paintings at the Gallery 11, Reykjavík

1992. Drawings at the Sævar Karl gallery, Reykjavík

1989. Paintings at Ásmundarsalur, Reykjavík 


2019. Artistsbooks at Museum of Fine Arts, Tallahassee, U.S.A.

2018. Artistsbooks at Bainbridge Island museum of art U.S.A.

2018, Artistsbooks , Portland, Maine U.S.A.

2018. Mixed Media 5th "Enter into Art" Germany

2017. 40 Paintings, Morsø kunstforening, Denmark

2016. 7th international Artist´s book triennal, Vilnius, Lithuania

2016. Artistsbooks "Endurbókun" Akureyri og Ísafjörður, Iceland

2016. Artistsbooks "Hannes Hafstein", Hannesarholt, Reykjavík

2015. Artistsbooks, International Artistsbooks, Nicosia, Cyprus

2015. Artistsbooks, Gallerí Jangva, Helsinki, Finland

2014. Artistsbooks, Bókasafn Reykjanesbæjar, Iceland

2014. Artistsbooks, Gerðuberg, Reykjavík

2014. Mixed Media, Lessedra Art gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2014. Artistsbooks, Nordatlantens Brygge, Copenhagen

2014. Artistsbooks, Nordic house, Reykjavík

2013. Artistsbooks, Vancouver Art gallery, Canada

2012. 6th international Artist´s book triennal, Vilnius, Lithuania

2011. Printed works, MI-Lab gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2011. Artistsbooks, Grafíklistasalur, Reykjavík

2010. Artistsbooks, Nordic house, Reykjavík

2009. Artistsbooks, Con-text, Silkeborg, Denmark

2008. Artistsbooks, "Á skörinni" Reykjavík

2007. Artistsbooks, danish and icelandic, Grafíklistasalnum, Reykjavík

2006. Handbags in Handverk og hönnun, Reykjavík

2006. Artistsbooks, Triennal, Vilnius, Lithuania

2006. Artistsbooks at Þjóðmenningarhús, Reykjavík

2005. Illustrations at Bibiana, Bradislava, Slovakia

2004. Artistsbooks, at Listasafn Árnesinga, Iceland

2001. Illustrations at Borgarbókasafn Grófinni, Reykjavík

2000. Artistsbooks, at Handverk og hönnun. Reykjavík

2000. Mixed media at Sævar Karl gallerí. Reykjavík

1998. Mini graphics, Cadaques. Spain

1998. Illustrations at Ásmundarsalur, Reykjavík

1997. Illustrations, Hamborg, Germany

1996. Mini graphics, Cadaques. Spain

1995. Exhibition of bookcovers at the Nordic house, Reykjavík

1995. Mixed media at Sævar Karl gallerí, Reykjavík

1992. Nordic drawings triennal, Skelleftå, Sveden